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Our 18th annual Walk Cause We Care will be October 3, 2020
Registration at 9:00 - 11 am

Due to Covid-19 restictions at this time things will work a bit differently

In St George: walk begins at Magaguadavic Centre, - 11 J.O. Spinney Drive, St George: contact: Winnie Paul - 321-6422 or by walkcausewecare@hotmail.com

In St Stephen: walk starts at St Stephen Guardian: contact: Fred Young - 466-4557

In Grand Manan: walk begins at St Paul Hall: contact: Sue Borthwick 321-0621

This year due to COVID-19 things will be different as we need to follow government Guidelines.

We ask only one person per team show up for registration, once registered and donations are turned in, please then go meet with your bubble at an alternate location and commence your walk.

Figures will be announced on 98.1 Charlotte and we will also have a live feed on the Facebook group WALK CAUSE WE CARE.

While registration is taking place. masks and social distancing is mandatory.

Please feel free to post videos / pictures of you or your group and post to our Facebook group.

ON LINE DONATIONS: If you prefer to make an online donation, please visit Canada Helps Website for Charlotte County Cancer Walk.    and in the remarks section put "walk2020"

Please check here for any updates - poster and registration forms will be available here soon



WALK CAUSE WE CARE - 2018 RAISED $104,083.60!

Three locations hosted walks in 2018, St. George, St. Stephen and Grand Manan. These dedicated volunteers raised $ $104,083.60 in the 2018 "Walk Cause We Care". Our walkers continue to work hard to support the work of Charlotte County Cancer! Thank You!!

WALK CAUSE WE CARE - 2017 RAISED $110,673!

Three locations hosted walks in 2017, St. George, St. Stephen and Grand Manan. These dedicated volunteers raised $110,673 in the 2017 "Walk Cause We Care". Well done!

WALK CAUSE WE CARE - 2016 RAISED $121,000!

Our dedicated volunteers raised $121,000 in the "Walk Cause We Care" in October. It was a great day in St. Andrews, St. George, St. Stephen and Grand Manan.

The 2015 "WALK CAUSE WE CARE" raised $113,505!
Again we received amazing support from the walkers and sponsors!   Walks took place in St. George, St. Stephen, St. Andrews and Grand Manan.

Special thanks to those who work so hard to organize this fantastic event.

Over 95% of the funds raised in the "Walk Cause We Care" continues to be used to support our Charlotte County neighbours with cancer.

"SING FOR THE CURE - the Sequel" held Friday Jan 16th at the Garcelon Civic Centre was sold out!  A great big "Thank you!" to all the musicians who played that evening, organizers, volunteers, people and businesses for generous donations to the silent auction and the huge enthusiastic crowd.   Please check out our gallery page for more details and photo.

The Goodine Sheehan Golf Event was held on July 26, 2014.   Get the latest update on our "Gallery" page.



Community barbeques, food sales, yard sales and a concert took place. The 2nd annual Charlotte County Cancer Food Sale by Donation was held at Norma Neves. Happily over $2000 dollars was raised! The idea of 'adonation food sale' is to allow the person to think, not what they would pay for oatmeal bread,chili,or rhubarb custard tarts but, rather what they can give to Charloote County Cancer and walk away with freshly baked goods.

People did not disappoint,and gave generously. Charlotte County Cancer where every dollar raised stays right here in our community to help our neighbors who have cancer. Norma Neves sends grateful thanks and appreciation to thank those who cooked, set up and served. And she sends a special thanks to those who gave so generously.  Neighbors helping neighbors it is what we are all about!

Mention us to your friends on Facebook.    Help spread the word!      

What people have to say about Charlotte County Cancer, 2013:

"My mother, Norma Neves, is a tireless community volunteer and one of her passions is her role as the Grand Manan representative for Charlotte County Cancer.   She has dedicated over 40 years of service to our local Cancer Society which is a cause dear to both of our hearts.   Last summer my choir " Fishermens Friends" joined with choirs from St. Andrews and St. Stephen for choral concerts, with proceeds from the concerts going to the Sharon Carrothers Trust and Charlotte County Cancer.   We decided in order to have a generous amount, we would supplement the concert revenues with weekly food sales at my workplace, every Thursday throughout the summer.   With the generosity of fellow employees, friends and neighbors, over $1800.00 was raised, solely by donation.   After a fall break, we decided to raise more money for CCC with the Grand Manan Curl for Cancer Fundraiser on February 16, 2013.

Recently, not quite two years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and since that time Mom & Dad have made weekly and lately bi-weekly trips to Saint John for treatment.   Mom & Dad have come to know the staff at Oncology and at the treatment room.   In appreciation for their service, Mom recently delivered some baking to the staff, explaining to the staff our fundraising ventures.   Mom left the treatment room for lunch and on her return, one of the nearby patients, a dear man, called her over to his bedside.   Handing her a $5.00 bill he told her of his love for Grand Manan & her people.   He had played in a marching band that came to Grand Manan to perform in the summer Rotary Festival parade.   He told how the band members had been picked up at the ferry, transported to the parade and afterwards, enjoyed a tour and bowls of fish chowder and homemade rolls.   Her fundraising story touched his heart and he wanted to help out, a gift from the heart.

Neighbors helping neighbors ......... Oh, by the way we raised $911.00 in just 6 weeks from our bake sales which contributed to over $6000 made at the curling fundraiser.    Thank you to every one; thank you volunteers, thank you Mom and thank you dear man.”

from a Grand Manan resident who wishes to remain anonymous

This letter was also received March, 2013:

"DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO? Do you live in Charlotte County, New Brunswick? If you do, then I have a story to tell you.

A year or so ago, I wanted to give a small donation to a nonprofit organization in Charlotte County so that the money would stay in the area and would not go to a large nonprofit organization somewhere else in Canada or the world.   There were a few in the area which I have given to before, but this time I thought I would ask questions about the Charlotte County Cancer Society to obtain information about their charity.   I contacted one of the board members and was invited to attend one of their meetings.

I missed the next two meetings and forgot somewhat about it until about a month ago.   I bumped into the same board member and was again invited to the next board meeting. So I had to try and make it to this meeting.   Before the board meeting, I was given the financial statement for 2012.   At the end of the meeting, I asked questions about how the whole organization started and why, what uses would my money go toward, how was it distributed, and how they decided who received what.

I am happy to tell you that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction.    I found out that Charlotte County Cancer gives approximately 94 percent of the funds they receive towards helping those in need of assistance, making their life a little easier.   The remaining 6 percent goes towards advertising, printing, postage, etc.   The organization is run only by volunteers.

We are very fortunate to have this organization in this area.    Many other regions, such as Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton, do not have a similar society, as far as I know.

The last thing I would like to point out is that the Charlotte County Cancer Society is not associated with the Canadian Cancer Society.    So if you want to donate funds to an organization that will directly assist Charlotte County residents, make sure you are donating to the Charlotte County Cancer Society.

Thanks to the board of the Charlotte County Cancer Society for willingly answering my questions at your meeting.   For all the volunteers who give their time freely to help others in any organization, three thumbs up."

Thanks, Wayne Townsend

In the past there has been some questions about how the funds received by Charlotte County Cancer are used. The following two articles help explain that we are not related to any provincial or national group.    These links will connect you to three newspaper articles that deal with this question: The original article - by Vern Faulkner on June 15, 2012 and the response from Charlotte County Cancer's president, Blaine Holmes on June 19, 2012 and Kathleen Case on July 3, 2012,

Rock and Ride 2012
On May 25th the enthusiastic students of SJDA raised over $4,500 in support of Charlotte County Cancer!
Sincere thanks to all participants for this amazing support for your community.


Last Year's Walk Cause We Care - 2011

The folks at the Money Saver created a great poster to celebrate the successful event.
To see (or download) in full resolution, please click here. In 2011 'Walk Cause We Care' raised $101,387 significantly up from the previous year.

Check out the photos from the 2011 Walk Cause We Care

The 2011 Winner of The Walk Cause We Care Draw
This year's winner of the two air Canada tickets was Donnie Coutts of St. George.   CONGRATULATIONS!!   Donnie won 2 Economy Class return tickets for Travel to ANY Air Canada scheduled destination in North America (including Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean)

In 2010 over 95% of the funds raised were used to support our Charlotte County neighbours with cancer.

Curl for Charlotte County Cancer - Another successful event:   
Curl for Charlotte County Cancer was help on February 12, 2011.    Hosted by the Grand Manan Curling Club and organized by Dickie Morgan, Shelley Griffin and Heather Brown.   A great fun-filled event.    Our sincere thanks for the work and support that made this event such a success.

The Bountiful Bra Project - great fun for a good cause (May,2010)
The aim of the ‘Bountiful Bra Project’ was to increase breast cancer awareness and to make sure that more people know about Charlotte County Cancer and the fine work they do right here in our community.
THE ART We received 64 incredible creations! The artists come from many backgrounds and ages. Our creators range in age from 8 to 88! One really neat bra was created by a man - can you guess which one? Some of the others were been made by breast cancer survivors or family members of patients.   
THE EXHIBIT The Bountiful Bra Exhibit was a unqualified success. A heartfelt 'thank you' to Sunbury Shores for being so gracious and accommodating. Without doubt the community got to see some very unique art and we all had fun for a very good cause.
THE FUNDRAISING: Silent Auction: We're pleased to say that the generosity of the community raised over $2,000 for Charlotte County Cancer. Donations brought in an additional $1,000. All funds will be used to help people in Charlotte County who may be dealing with any type of cancer. Thank you for your support.   

Extra special appreciation goes out to the fantastic creators of the Bountiful Bras and the many businesses and individuals who helped make this happen. Bravo!

You will find some photos from this event on our Gallery page.


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